Welcome to South Street!

Welcome to South Street!

Welcome to the home of South Street Dalmatians. Here you will find helpful information concerning the wonderful Dalmatian, a bit about myself and my breeding program, and useful links for your enjoyment.

Dalmatian puppies chasing ball

“South Street” is my kennel name – the name used to identify Dals of my breeding.  I have been exhibiting and breeding Dalmatians since 1989 although I have owned and loved Dals since I was 10 years old.

My breeding program is conducted on a relatively small scale, preferring to raise a litter every one to two years.  I am breeding for better Dalmatians and am in this as a hobby, not as a money making activity.  Though I breed for show dogs, I am also very proud of my pets.  I often receive letters, photos and updates from their families over their lifetime.  Check out what some of my “extended family members” have to say on my Friends & Family pages.

If you are looking for that special new “family addition” and have decided the Dalmatian is right for you, visit my Planned Litters page.  If I do not currently have a litter of my own planned, I can often refer you to another reputable breeder who does.

In addition, I do occasionally have an older puppy or young adult available for adoption.  Usually a show dog who’s retired from showing or one I am no longer using for breeding.  Stop by the Adult Adoptions page for information.

I hope you find these pages fun and informational, as I share my Dals with you.  If you have questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.